Our Services and Fees

Our Famous Lesbian Dating Sites Free™ Service

This service combines the tremendous selection of single women on online dating sites with the convenience of a personal matchmaker. Your dating representative will scout Internet dating sites for women who match your criteria, engage them anonymously on your behalf, and set them up on dates with you.

Expect regular telephone contact with your dating representative for the first few weeks until we're confident that we can represent you accurately. You can expect to begin receiving matches within two to four weeks of signing up.

We ask you to accept or reject each match based on their photos and profile. Because we only bill you for matches that you approve, our service offers better than a money-back guarantee: You don't pay for matches until we've done our work and you approve them.

  • For $247/match, we arrange the date for you — the complete service
  • For $197/match, we take it up to the phone number exchange, so that you can take it from there
  • For $147/match, we take it up to the e-mail or instant messenger (MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) exchange

If your date ends up being a no-show or the contact information you receive is false, we credit your payment toward your next date. And naturally, we only invoice you for the first date or contact. After that, it's in your hands.

You can request that we give you fewer or more matches per month, depending on your free time and your dating preferences. You can pause your account at any time, which means that we'll stop looking for matches and you won't be billed until further notice.

Intake Interview and Profile Setup

Introductory Special: For the month of July 2023, are waiving our regular initiation fee for our Personal Branding Campaign (photo retouching is not included in this offer; you need to provide clear, well-lighted photos). That means you don't pay a cent until we begin delivering matches to you. Offer expires July 31, 2023.

Your intake interview lets your dating representative "step into your shoes" and begin to understand the world from your perspective. It takes up to two hours, either over the telephone or in person in Toronto. During this interview and in any subsequent conversations, we'll be able to understand you well enough to represent you accurately to potential matches. We will also have a clear sense of what you are seeking in a woman.

As part of the intake process, we will role-play a coffee date with you (over the telephone) and provide our critique. This is both to ensure that the dates we arrange will proceed smoothly, and as another way for us to know you better.

After the initial interview, we will write two or three three profiles for you, and begin testing them to determine which gets the best response.

Similarly, we will write a couple of sample messages that we might send to your potential matches. Although we customize our messages to prospective matches, the initial sample messages are for your review so that we know how you want to be represented. We test these messages to determine which approach gets the best response.

If necessary, we will retouch your photos or suggest new ones that can represent you in the best possible light. If you live or work in Toronto, we can send our photographer out to meet you.

Your profiles and photos are yours to keep, even in the event that you end your service with us.

Concierge Dating Services

We offer custom, personalized services tailored to your needs and provided by one of our dating specialists. For example:

  • You want somebody to screen candidates, but not write to them.
  • You are a single woman, with different needs than our male clients.
  • You want to prepare for dates in depth, with a critique from one of our specialists.
  • You want us to represent you on an hourly basis, rather than a per-date basis.

Custom services are billed at an hourly rate of $27.

Miscellaneous Terms

All prices are in U.S. funds and are payable by MasterCard or Visa. Canadian residents please add 5% GST.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any client.

There is no cost to close your account. However, in the event that you choose to take advantage of the open conversations that we have started on your behalf, there is a closing fee of $497.